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WuXi STA is committed to being a responsible global citizen and upholds the highest environmental health and safety standards across all of our sites. But our dedication goes beyond global standards and we are advocates of continuous improvements in waste and water treatment, green chemistries – from process design to solvent reduction, biocatalysis and flow chemistry – and ensuring our employees are protected by the most stringent safety protocols in the industry.

Throughout our entire company we run a comprehensive EHS management system, and across all of our manufacturing we aim to use processes that minimize the environmental impact and eliminate the health/safety risks. But rather than just be a follower and adopter of applicable national and local EHS laws, regulations and standards, we encourage our employees to implement a wider culture of improvement across the company.

In 2022, WuXi STA received the latest scores from EcoVadis rating, a trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) R&D and manufacturing from its Changzhou site, and for formulation development and manufacturing from its Shanghai Waigaoqiao site and Wuxi city site, respectively. All three China sites received scores of 60+ with a "Silver" rating from EcoVadis. 


We Have a Number of Special Initiatives

We participate as full members in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative and are guided by the principles that address five areas of responsible business practice: ethics, human rights and labor, health and safety, environment, and management systems.

In addition to reducing emissions and employing environmentally friendly initiatives at our facilities, we are also leading advocates of green chemistries. These eco-friendly synthetic routes and processes – including biocatalysis, flow chemistry, solvent recovery and reduction, as well as material consumption protocols – are designed to increase process efficiency and reduce waste and toxins.

We have an internal policy across all our sites to improve our annual process mass intensity (PMI).

Recent investments in China include a fully closed sewage treatment system and regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).

All of our chemical reactors use a fully enclosed containment design that is dust-free and odourless – from dispensing through to reactors, centrifuge and discharge. These systems eliminate contamination and greatly improve safety.

We strictly adhere to pharmaceutical supply chain initiative (PSCI) principles.

We have passed 50+ client EHS audits since 2016.


Our Promises to Health,

Safety and Environmental Care Cover


Conducting formal process safety evaluations prior to manufacture

Providing thorough health and safety training programs for both employees and contractors

Conducting toxicological and risk assessments for all new introduced processes

Working with our suppliers and customers to minimize environmental impacts across the entire production and supply value chain

Reducing our overall usage of water, energy, waste production, and emissions

To enhance our delivery of EHS policies, we have created several bespoke groups to drive forward a culture of corporate citizenship, including; EHS committee; process safety management committee; general manager representative; and a standalone EHS department