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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

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Oligonucleotide Discovery

Oligonucleotide Discovery

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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Our oligo drug discovery platform has a few hundreds of dedicated scientists and state-of-the-art facilities, providing oligonucleotide library synthesis (nmol - µmol) and custom synthesis (µmol – mmol) covering all oligo types including DNA, ASO, siRNA, microRNA, saRNA, sgRNA, circRNA, hairpin oligos, CpG ODN, Aptamer, PMO, degenerate oligonucleotides etc., with or without conjugation, coupled with dedicated analytical support for all required testing.  

library synthesis

Oligonucleotide high throughput library synthesis (nmol - µmol)

192 channel synthesizers with up to 1 µmol set up for each column

High purity by high throughput RP-HPLC or OPC™ (Oligonucleotide Purification Cartridge) purification

Fast delivery: about 10 days to complete ~200 ds RNA

Selected past projects:

234 siRNA duplex library synthesis within 2 weeks (200 nmol each)

144 5'-SMCC DNA Aptamers library synthesis within 2 weeks (375 nmol each)

206 PMO library synthesis within 2 months (300 nmol each)

oligo custom synthesis

Oligonucleotide custom synthesis (µmol - mmol)

Synthesizers up to 16 monomers selection enables highly modified oligo synthesis, ÄKTA OligoPilotTM 10, ÄKTA OligoPilotTM 100

Expertise in long oligo synthesis for both ss RNA and ds RNA

Experience with diverse challenging modified oligo synthesis such as ASO with all chiral phosphorothioates, RNA with 3'/5'-GalNAc, lipidation, PEGylation, etc.

Large capacity: deliver 2,000+ oligo molecules per month, endotoxin level control (<1EU/mg)